19 March 2008


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I must have heard this song at least once a day on average over the past month and a half, it’s got to be the number one, but I’m not sure if there’s an official chart out here.

Mongolian music (to me decidedly a misinformed foreigner) seems to fall into one of a few categories: traditional stuff (Hoarse fiddle, long song, throat singing, etc. which I like for sure), country-pop stuff like this selection below (which, sorry, all sounds pretty much the same too me, but then I don’t speak the language and probably miss a lot), and finally the youthful hip hop and hard rock stuff that is frantically rebelling against the first two.

While I can’t really appreciate Javkhlan (sounds a bit like ‘javelin’), on a musical level, I can definitely vouch for his popularity, and this particular song shows some nice scenes of (romanticized) Mongolian rural life. From what I gather, he wrote this song as a tribute to his passing mother, and features a few hundred Mongolian mothers in the background. The title “Eejiin Chanasan Tsai” means “Mother’s Boiled Tea“.

Check out the video below or HERE:

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Anonymous Says:

20 March 2008 at 12:22 am.

actually, the truth is country-pop is frantically rebelling against hip hop, pop, or rock, because what you see during recent years is sharp decline of hip hop, r&b, pop, or rock and rise of coutry-pop in terms of popularity.

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