26 February 2008

Hacksin’ at the “Military Rest Center”

Posted by JonHaley under: Mongolia .

The last post was super long and boring, so to appease my burgeoning audience of Finnish and Brazilian based viewers who reach my site with such inexplicable keyword searchs as “world largest rock concert” and “santiago de cuba“, I’ve posted some pix of a place I stayed at in the pseudo-countryside last weekend. Nothing too special, more just low-key chillin’ in the forest with the peeps type thing. Enjoy.

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Alan Says:

8 March 2008 at 1:15 am.


My man. Tell me about this worlds largest rock concert, because you know me and I love to rock and roll. I’m chillin’ in the United States (and have been for a few weeks now). Sara and I got evacuated from Kenya at the end of January and we’ve been waiting for peace and calm to return to the country. I’ve migrated Sara and my blog to http://alaninkenya.org, as Sara is going to be staying in California to work and maybe go back to school.

Good to see you’re still hangin’ out in Mongolia. The pictures are beautiful. Keep in touch.


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