29 August 2007

Terelj National Park Outside UB

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Immediately after arriving in Mongolia, I went out with the group to this park east of Ulaanbaatar. It wasn’t exactly the “real” countryside with nomadic people and the bit, but it was definitely sweet to get out and do something so soon after arriving. The park seemed to be filled with a lot of these semi-commercial “ger camps”, where tourists come and stay in a ger tent for a few days, basically just so they could say they did it. The fact that they were more or less permanent added to the semblance of the whole operation. It’s definitely a good low cost tourism deal for the Mongolians, however, because they just need to set up some tents and people will flock to them. The novelty can be fleeting and some of the camps have houses with showers and stuff to keep people happy.

So we basically hung out in the camp for most of the day getting to know the other volunteers and doing the usually cultural note swapping about the differences between Mongolians and English, English and Scottish, Filipino and Canadian etc., etc. We got an excellent traditional Mongolian meal that consisted all the greatest hits: huushuur (hamburger covered with dough and deep-fried), buuz (same as huushuur, but smaller and steamed), mutton with noodles, mutton with rice, and milk tea (hot thinned milk with salt, apparently actual tea is involved somehow, but I’ve never tasted it).

Outside the camp there was a nice river and some pretty impressive mountains. We didn’t get out too much, because it was rainy, on the other hand everything was super green.

The obligatory group shot. We’re not entirely homogeneous, but definitely stand out in a crowd of Mongolians. Some of the people are current volunteers who have been working for a few months to a year already the rest are new like me.

UB 021_resize.jpg UB 025_resize.jpg UB 029_resize.jpg UB 006_resize.jpg UB 050_resize.jpg UB 059_resize.jpg UB 079_resize.jpg UB 093_resize.jpg IMGP4205.JPG IMG_0512.JPG


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Mah Says:

31 August 2007 at 4:28 am.

Looks so beautiful. Sent u tax info email…believe it or not Revenue Canada is looking for u and doesn’t care if you’r in Mongolia. Stay strong and lap up the world…love Mahmee.

Alan Says:

31 August 2007 at 5:08 am.


That note from your Mom is hilarious! Funny enough, I just got hit with a notice from our Revenue Service here in the States… basically cleaned out my bank account, those bastards!

The new pictures look awesome… I see you’re using the nextgen gallery and random pic widget. I opted for a separate Gallery and then a WordPress integration plugin. It’s a little more overhead, but a lot more robust. The weather widget is from some guy named viper007bond, and is kinda confusing to find; here’s a link. There are a lot of weather plugins out there, but I dug this one. Also, I don’t know if you’ve got a stats plugin, but Firestats is awesome. Tells you referers, countries, browsers, search terms, etc… awesome.

Take care, dude.


Anonymous Says:

2 September 2007 at 10:26 pm.

Hey Jon,
It looks beautiful there! I didn’t realize that you were gone already. I leave for Malawi in 10 days! I will be watching your blog closely, I think Mongolia is beautiful and you are lucky to have gone there! Good luck with your work.

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