6 Month Infographic

Updated April, 30, 2014: Video now added

This one is a little late as the 6 month mark was about a month ago, but hopefully it’s an interesting way to communicate the experiences. Hat tip to Belinda Li for the initial idea to track things like weddings and mosquito bites. I’ve been independently, dabbling in the whole “quantified self” thing for a few years now. Combined with regular journaling, I find it’s a good way to learn about yourself and track habits. Clearly, it’s not for everyone.

A note on methodology: This is by no means a scientific process and is purely subjective and heavily biased as I’m answering my own questions. My data collection approach has evolved over the years, so even though it looks like a lot of work, it really amounts to filling in a google form every night from my phone which tabulates all the results in a spreadsheet. After the initial set, the infographic is all directly linked back to the results spreadsheet, so it updates automatically.

7 Replies to “6 Month Infographic”

  1. So freaking Virgo…but so healthy and intelligent. Am I really your mother? Just watch out for the goats. Hope more of your bucket list gets check…love youtotooooototal, Mahmee

  2. Right on Jon,
    Sounds like an incredible journey! I appreciate your hardboiled humor, your frank and ernest style.
    some mosquito bites are like terrible mountains, as Manoj may attest.
    Better late than never!
    Happy blogging, but more importantly: felicitous virgoing: gathering & collecting,
    Sincerely, Tom

    1. Dancing falls under “social events”, but you are right it needs a bit more explanation. I’ve been out to “de club” a couple times since being here, but it’s a different scene than I am used to and I don’t much care for the music. They certainly aren’t doing the West Coast Swing, and I am not sure how well it would go over. They have this thing, Azonto, which you might care to youtube, but it’s basically freeform. Another post topic for sure.

  3. self data=? self knowledge=? self awareness=?=self realization? ?
    why GETTING so large in cloud? getting—–? guitar red, computer grey!

    1. Maybe all of those things, maybe it’s a false sense of control over the uncontrollable. Getting is large because I was starting off all my sentences with “Getting to do this or that..”, the colours are more or less random though.

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