Lapses Episode 1

Here is a collection of timelapse video I’ve shot over the past few weeks. I hope to make this a regular series. Anything you’d like to see?

I am also capturing one second every day using the app: One Second Everyday. Here’s what October looked like:


8 Replies to “Lapses Episode 1”

  1. Jonathan – what you are involving yourself with is nation building. I was involved with nation building earlier in life, like almost half a century ago. A lot of people called it a war, but it was still nation building. And although it didn’t turn out the way we had hoped, I thank God for the experience. I was engaged in something that extended beyond me, beyond just getting a paycheck; beyond my own aggrandizement. You are risking something of yourself to give people a hand up. You can feel good about that.

    As far as being in danger……. some disgruntled employee walked into LAX the other day and shot some people. There is no safe place to live. Enjoy your days in Ghana; forget what I said about getting your ass home again. Someday all you will have is your memories.

    I would still avoid political rallies and such.

    1. Yeah it’s definitely all in the perspective. We all have a lot to learn and hopefully something to contribute here and there. Haven’t heard of any political rallies in these parts but I’ll keep an eye out!

  2. woo hoo they’ve now got an app for the scenes of my life passing before me in a few seconds! Let them be good seconds!. I want no-car street scenes and kids playing, music, dancing

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