First Week in Tamale

After a mind-blending start in Accra, I made my way via the State Transit Bus up to my final destination of Tamale. Other than a 2.5hr delay in our departure due to “washing and checking the tires”, the rest of the 11hr trip was actually quite enjoyable and a good way to see some of the country.

After arriving, I got set up with my host family, who is actually the same family who runs the business I will be consulting with as part of my duties with EWB (much more details to follow). Accommodations are simple, but more than adequate: I have a private room in the multi-family compound, near the centre of town. Meals are also for the most part taken care of, so I’ve more or less got it made in the shade for the time being. Lots more to get used and to discuss in detail, but for now I’ll just let some photos do the talking…

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    1. Yeah you’d love it, I’ll have to tell you all the details! Part of the operations are a nursery and herbal/traditional medicine consultancy started by the family matriarch. Going to try and learn as much as possible about it and report back.

  1. You’re such a good writer. It brings back memories of landing in Bangkok and wandering down Sukhumvit Road that first night. Lol. Blew my lil’bitty mind…hehe. I’ve been thinking of re-reading The Poisonwood Bible. in case I end up going with the plastics team next year. You ever read that? I hope you have better luck with your garden then they did. Hope you have a much better time all around. Don’t let the Africa monster eat you. Haven’t made progress with Rog…think the contract will go till Nov., but don’t worry about it. I’m gonna call ’em and upgrade to a 5s asap. 🙂

    1. Thanks sis! I think the PWB is a little dated, but was still a good read mainly in terms of what not to do..Super cool if you’d come out!

  2. Great blog! I can feel the cultural gomsmack but at some remove.
    Don’ know much ’bout long&lat but Tamale looks like the Center of the world on the battered 1975 Van der Grinten projection world map above our sink. Be still at the center an let ‘er whirl!

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