Hello (Centre of The) World!

Still putting the finishing touches on this blog and deciding exactly which direction to take with it. One thing that is for sure is that I’ll posting a lot about African music. To get things started, here is the legendary Fela Kuti (a Nigerian) breaking down Africa’s position in the world (one of the inspirations for this blog’s title). Secret Agent Tony Allen on Drums, Roy Ayers with the Vibes solo, and Fela with the sax solo and cutting criticism of a Western Civilization’s view of Africa built on ignorance. Set your minds to Africa…


Centre of the World

2 Replies to “Hello (Centre of The) World!”

  1. Fela was right!
    (‘cept for a few blind spots in gender politics)
    Thinkin about doin an AFRODISCO night in Kelowna to play some of the many African classics and should be classics from the 70’s that I’ve been collecting for over thirty years.
    . Will they come……………….??

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