I am an Electrical Engineer from Vancouver, BC who is working with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada in their Business Development Services (BDS) Venture Area in Tamale, Northern Ghana.

The big themes of my time here will centre on working collaboratively with local Ghanaian businesses and social enterprises (businesses run primarily for their social and environmental impact), to develop and improve their organizational systems and capacity; thereby, making them better candidates for outside funding. If this sounds absolutely nothing like engineering to you, you’d be quite right! While EWB has operations that involve and even centre around the direct use of engineering skills and technology to “solve” development related issues, the BDS program extrapolates from the key strengths of engineers (systems thinking, problem solving, project management, etc.) and applies them to related sectors (e.g. local community led economic development). The main idea being that an organized, systemic, problem solving approach can add a lot of value to this area of development; it also doesn’t hurt that a number of the businesses and social enterprises also have a technological focus.

I will be doing my best to meticulously document this experience through written, photographic, videographic and other still-yet-to-be-determined methods on this blog. Please (no, really I am asking!) participate in this process to the limits on your interest and availability and I will promise to answer every question and respond to every comment.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jonathan Haley

Please note the views expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of EWB Canada, BDS, Canadians, people from Vancouver, people with brown hair, or engineers. If you disagree with anything, take offense, have a correction or suggestion to make on anything on this blog, please let me know.


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